Photo by Laura Davidson

photo by Laura Davidson

The Pride of Kennett Square  


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Yard Sale fundraiser information has been updated.  Please click here for more details.


3/7/15: FIRST MEETING ON 3/18!

Please attend our 2015 Kickoff Meeting for all band students and parents on Wednesday, 3/18 at 7:00pm in the KHS Auditorium.



Please check the calendar for the dates of Band Camp 2015!


11/25/14: Holiday Light Parade - Friday, 11/28:

4:45 PM report to KHS
5:30 PM Board buses and depart
5:45 PM Line Up
6:15 PM Step off
6:45 - 7:00 PM anticipated return to KHS.

To date, I have not been given the parade route.  I anticiapte it will be the same as years past.  Step off from the corner of Lafayette and State and end on Broad.

Download your music here.
You will need to log in to see it.  It is one giant pdf so you will need to print only your part.



9:40 AM Report to KHS
10:00 AM in KHS Stadium for light practice
10:45 AM Load trailer
11:45 AM Depart
1:15 PM Arrive, dress, build, stage
2:15 PM Warm up
3:00 PM Move to gate
3:15 PM at gate
3:30 PM PERFORM!!!!!!!
4:15 PM Millersville University Exhibition
4:30 PM Awards
6:15 PM Approximate arrival at KHS



2:30 PM Report
3:15 PM Depart
5:00 PM Arrive Unload/Dress
6:10 PM Warmup
6:35 PM Move to Gate
6:45 PM Gate
7:00 PM Perform
9:45 PM Awards


10/27/14: This Weekend:

Friday 10/31 - Away game at Great Valley High School

It is their senior recognition game.  Their band is playing pre-game.  We are playing half-time.  Great Valley's senior recognition for band will happen while we are setting the field.  3:45 PM Report
4:30 PM Depart
5:30 PM Arrive at Great Valley Unload/Dress/Build Ramp & Backdrop/Pre-set
6:35 PM In GV's stands to watch their show
7:00 PM Kickoff
We play halftime
10:30 PM approximate return to KHS

Saturday 11/1 - Competition at Hatboro Horsham High School
2:30 PM Report
3:00 PM Depart
4:45 PM Arrive Unload/Dress/Build Ramp & Backdrop/Pre-set
5:30 PM Warmup
6:20 PM Move to Gate
6:30 PM Gate
6:45 PM Perform
9:15 PM Host Band Performs
9:30 PM Awards
10:00 PM Approx depart for home
11:15 PM Approx arrival at KHS


10/22/14: This Weekend:

Friday 10/24 - Game vs Bayard Rustin
5:00 PM Report - Pit moves, Pre-set in home stands, Build and move ramp & backdrops, dress
5:50 PM Warm-up begins in stadium
6:25 PM In Bleachers
6:45 PM Rustin Performs Pregame
6:57 PM National Anthem by Guest Soloist (not us)
7:00 PM Kickoff
KHS Plays Halftime
Band Senior Recognition will happen before we perform our show.

Saturday 10/25 - Competition at Manheim Central High School
1:45 PM Report/load
2:30 PM Depart
4:10 PM Arrive at Manheim Central - unload/dress/build
5:00 PM Warm-up
5:50 PM Move to Gate
6:00 PM Gate
6:15 PM Perform
8:30 PM Host Band Performs
9:00 PM Awards
10:45 PM Approximate arrival back to KHS

Sunday 10/26 - KSQ Halloween Parade
1:45 Report - in costume
2:15 PM Board Buses
3:00 PM Parade Steps off from Lafayette and West State Street and ends at State and Broad
3:45 PM Approximate return to KHS


10/14/14: Saturday 10/18 Competition at Unionville

3:00 PM Report/Load
4:00 PM Depart
4:30 PM Arrive at Unionville dress/unload/build ramp, backdrops, DM podium.  Pre-set props and podium outside gate
5:30 PM Warmup
6:15 PM Move to Gate
6:30 PM Gate
6:45 PM Performance

9:30 PM Host band performs
9:45 PM Awards
10:30 PM approximate arrival back to KHS


10/6/14: Friday 10/10 Home Game vs. Coatesville

5:00 PM Report - Pit moves, Pre-set in home stands, Build and move ramp & backdrops, dress
6:00 PM Warm-up begins in stadium
6:35 PM Endzone
6:40 PM Performance
6:57 PM National Anthem
7:00 PM Kickoff


9/29/14: Thursday 10/2 Home Game vs. Unionville

5:00 PM Report - Pit moves, Pre-set in home stands, Build and move ramp & backdrops, dress
6:00 PM Warm-up begins in stadium
6:35 PM Endzone
6:40 PM Performance
6:57 PM Homeroom Chorale SINGS National Anthem
7:00 PM Kickoff


9/23/14: Friday 9/26 Away Game at Sun Valley HS

3:40 PM - Report/Load Trailer
4:20 PM Board Buses
4:25 PM Depart
5:15 PM Arrive at SV HS
6:40 PM Perform Pre-Game
7:00 PM Kickoff
9:30 PM estimated end of game
10:30 - 10:45 PM estimated return to KHS


9/15/14: Schedule for the week:

Monday - Rehearsal Stadium

Wednesday - Rehearsal Front Lawn

Friday - Homecoming Parade and Game
4:45 PM - report - Preset stadium, build and set backdrops and ramp, preset pit in stadium, drum stands to stadium
5:30 PM - Dress in uniforms
5:50 PM - Line up in lower parking lot for parade
6:15 PM - Parade steps off
6:45 PM - In bleachers in stadium to watch Oxford perform
6:55 PM - Oxford Performs
7:12 PM - National Anthem
7:15 PM - Kickoff

KHS Marching Band Plays halftime at this game.



We will prep, load, and travel as though the show will happen outside.  There has been talk about extending intermission and possibly moving inside at intermission if necessary.

Again, I have no part in the decision making process.  Maybe this will be the year it rains on everyone but us!

Here is the timeline again:

Chichester Competition
2:30 PM - Report to KHS for loading
3:05 PM - Board Buses
3:15 PM - Depart KHS
4:00 PM - Arrive at Chichester - eat
4:45 PM - Back to buses to unload, setup, dress (full uniforms)
5:10 PM - Warmup
6:10 PM - Move to gate
6:20 PM - Gate
6:45 PM - out of uniform, load trailer
7:30 PM - Host band (Chichester) performs
7:45 - 8:00 PM approx - Awards
8:15 - 8:30 PM Depart for KHS
9:00 - 9:15 PM approx arrival at KHS


9/12/14: Competition Details for Saturday, 9/13:

There is a good chance that there will be bad weather for the show on 9/13.  Here is how things work/change in the event of rain.

Scenario 1
The weather favors us and the show goes on as planned with the timeline published ealier in the week.

Scenario 2
The decision is made to try to be outside.  We prepare, load, and travel as though we have an outside show.  The weather turns sour and we get moved inside to do a standstill performance in Chichester's gym.

Scenario 3
The decison is made to try to be outside and it rains only on us.  Don't laugh, we have a long and storied history of this happening.

Scenario 4
The decision is made to move the show indoors from the beginning.  The show will be a standstill performance in the gym and we will change our timeline accordingly.

Notes:  I am no part of the decision making process.  It is entirely handled by the show host and by our governing body - Cavalcade of Bands.
A standstill performance is only judged on music and musicality.  It is similar to our performance for the teachers at the beginning of the school year but we use our show music.  The guard performs in a block and still receives commentary from the judges but it does not count towards our score.
A decision to exclusivley move inside will be made between 12:30 PM and 12:45 PM.  I will update everyone as soon as I hear a decision.

Should the show be moved to an indoor event (scenario 4) here is the timeline:

3:25 PM Report to KHS for loading
4:05 PM Board Buses
4:15 PM Depart
5:00 PM Arrive at Chichester
5:25 PM to 6:05 PM Warmup
6:20 PM Gate
6:30 PM Performance

Timeline post performance will be the same as earlier in the week.

Semper Gumby!!!!!

9/9/14: Schedule for the week:

Wednesday - Rehearsal in Stadium

Saturday, September 13 -
We are NOT traveling to the away game at St. Pius X.  The game and competition schedules do not line up.

Chichester Competition
2:30 PM - Report to KHS for loading
3:05 PM - Board Buses
3:15 PM - Depart KHS
4:00 PM - Arrive at Chichester - eat
4:45 PM - Back to buses to unload, setup, dress (full uniforms)
5:10 PM - Warmup
6:10 PM - Move to gate
6:20 PM - Gate
6:45 PM - out of uniform, load trailer
7:30 PM - Host band (Chichester) performs
7:45 - 8:00 PM approx - Awards
8:15 - 8:30 PM Depart for KHS
9:00 - 9:15 PM approx arrival at KHS

Our performance time is close to the end of the competition.  We probably won't have time to change out of uniform, load the buses and trailer, and visit the concession stand post performance.  We are arriving early and blocking out 45 minutes to get to the snack shack or eat a dinner that you may have brought.  Please plan accordingly.

9/4/14: FRIDAY 9/5 PARADE & GAME TIMELINE (revised):

5:00 PM Report to KHS
5:15 PM Board/Load buses for parade
5:30 PM Depart for parade route
5:45 PM line up for parade
6:00 PM Parade steps off
6:45 PM approx - board buses back to KHS
After kickoff - arrive at KHS.  Enter stadium through South entrance into our stands.

Uniforms - we may be in full uniform for the show, we may be in T-shirts and shorts.  It depends on the weather and just how hot it is at game time.  Student safety is always our primary concern.  If it is truly 90+ degrees on Friday, full uniforms are not a safe decision.

Guard will be in T-shirt and shorts no matter what.

Full uniform means:
Gloves (I have them for you)
Black Socks
This year's band Tshirt


6:00 PM to 8:30 PM Rehearsal in stadium
Please wear hat, plume, and drillmasters (if you have them) for rehearsal.
I will be staying through from the end of the day until rehearsal begins.  You may stay through if you wish.

6:00 PM to 8:30 PM Rehearsal in stadium
Please wear hat, plume, and drillmasters (if you have them) for rehearsal.
I will not be staying through until 6:00 PM.  If another staff member is there, you are welcome to hang in the band room.  If none of us are staying, we must lock the door after school.  Sorry.

Friday 8.29
Away Game vs Avon Grove High School

4:00 PM Pit report/load
4:15 PM Band Report
4:45 PM Depart for Avon Grove HS
5:15 PM Arrival - unload, build props, build ramp, move props and ramp to track, pit - warmup near stadium but outside stadium; horn line, drumline, guard warm up as space can be found
6:40 PM Performance Pre game
7:00 PM Kickoff
9:30 PM estimated finish of game
10:00 PM Depart for KHS
10:30 PM approximate arrival at KHS

Our uniform for the first game is this year's blue band T-shirt, shorts (khaki preferred) and athletic shoes.  The weather looks to be ideal and we should have a good first show.  Please remember to bring your lyres and flip books for the stand music.

I will be staying through from the end of school until departure for the game.

8/13/14: STAY INFORMED!  We need ALL band students and parents to sign up for our Google group in order to receive important email announcements.  If you are not receiving emails from us already, please use the signup box at the bottom of the left nav bar.

TEXT ALERTS are another way we send out information frequently.  We especially use text alerts when away at games and competitions, and are the fastest way we can get information out to the entire organization.  To sign up, send a text message to the number 40404 that reads follow KMBand and you will start receiving texts.  Please note that the texts you will receive are actually postings to our Twitter account but you do not need a Twitter account to receive them.  For more details, please click the cell phone icon on the left nav bar.

Finally, please follow us on Twitter and Facebook if you use those services by clicking the appropriate icons on the nav bar.   

8/6/14: Band Camp begins on Monday, August 11.  You MUST have the permission form filled out in order to participate!

Also, please be sure that you have subscribed to the Google email group using the signup box on the left side of the website.  It is recommended that every KMB student and parent subscribe to the email group.  Also, please follow us on Twitter and Facebook if you use those services.  You do not need a Twitter account to follow us via text message.  Please click the appropriate buttons on the left for more information.

Please help spread the word to new members so that everyone will be well informed.

5/19/14: Monday May 26 - Memorial Day Parade

8:00 AM Report to KHS Band Room for practice and logistics (the parade stages in the KHS parking lot - you can't get in after 8:00!)
9:30 AM Line up for Parade in KHS lower lot
10:00 AM Parade Steps off. Parade route is north on Broad Street, left on State, right on Union. The parade ends at the cemeteries at the KAU baseball fields.
but wait....there's more
12:30 PM (approx) KHS and Unionville HS bands combine to perform the National Anthem grave side for the memorial service.
12:40 PM Board buses back to KHS
12:45 PM to 1:00 PM approximate arrival back at KHS

About the parade:
Dress for all members is Blue KHS Band Member T-shirt from any year, khaki/tan shorts and athletic shoes or drill masters. If you are a new member, any Kennett blue shirt will do. We will put you in the middle of the block so your shirt won't be as noticeable. Yes, rookie members who have been to our rookie camps are invited to march with us for this parade. The weather is supposed to be mostly sunny and 78. Please bring sunscreen. Sunglasses are acceptable. As are baseball hats with Kennett logo.

We will have water and snacks at the end of the parade route for you. It is important you eat a good breakfast and maybe bring a small snack for just before we step off.

Music will be posted to the web site. If you know you should be playing first, download the first part. If you are a new member, you are much safer having the 2nd/3rd parts where available.

This is, by far, the biggest parade that Kennett hosts. You will be playing in front of a large audience and the crowd is great. We know that this parade falls on a national holiday as well as a three day weekend. If you are in town, we expect you will be attending the parade - it honors all those who have served our country and having a full band is the least we owe. If you have travel plans, by all means, enjoy. If you will not be attending, please email to let me know not to expect you.

5/19/14: If you are a current sophomore interested in auditioning to be our Junior Drum Major for next year, please email with your intent. Emails need to be received by this Friday, May 23rd. In your email please state why you want to be drum major and what you believe you will bring to the position. We will contact all interested parties about an audition.

5/19/14: Monday May 19 - Rookie Camp
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Please meet in the KHS band room with your marching instrument and appropriate footwear (athletic shoes.) The weather looks great and we will be up top on the field. A public "Great Job" to the 25!!!! rookies who were at practice last week. You guys are doing great and I can't wait for the vets to see all that you are bringing to the marching band.

Wednesday May 21 - Guard Practice
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Please meet in the KHS band room. Plan is for you to be outside if the weather cooperates. There is a chance of rain. If that is the case, we will try to find you gym space or auditorium space.

Drumline/pit - stay tuned for an update from Maule/Rutledge about Wednesday night practice. There was confusion last week. We will be sure you know what is going on for this week.

Monday May 26th - Memorial Day Parade. I am awaiting one or two details. Expect another email about that a little later tonight.

Cavalcade of Bands - Tournament of Roses update.
The band is now above 150 members. Kennett is the second most represented band in the group. IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO APPLY! Battery percussion is full. There are still wind and guard spots available - particularly Low Saxes, Baritones, and Tubas. If it is something you thought about and didn't pursue, talk to me.

5/19/14: Click here for Memorial Day Sheet Music-


4/23/14: The KMB Yardsale will be on Saturday, June 7, 2014 in the KHS front lawn. Click the link to learn more. WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!!!


4/22/14: From Romano:

I wanted to take a moment to send an April Marching Band update. Show design is progressing nicely. The drumline and pit have been set, the guard has been having winter practices, and rookie camp is coming up soon.

Rookie camp
May 5
May 12
May 19
all from 6:00 to 8:00 PM at KHS.
If you complete the rookie camps, you get to march with the band in the Memorial Day parade on May 26th.

Guard and Percussion will both be having practices this Wednesday at KHS. Percussion is 5:00 to 7:00 and Guard is 6:00 to 8:00. Weather looks good....maybe we will get outside.

A giant thank you to our community. We have found volunteers to build our props, volunteers to build our question marks, sewers, and back up trailer drivers.

We are still looking for one or two parents to drive our utility trailer to away games and competitions. It is one of those jobs where consistency helps. If we can find someone who wants to go to the majority of our performances, that would be preferable. Anything with a trailer hitch is capable of pulling the utility trailer. Fully loaded, it weighs under 800 pounds.

Tournament of Roses
To date, we have had 16 students accepted to the Rose bowl parade! We have the second most students accepted from any high school in Cavalcade. Current membership is at 131 total members and growing. The band is still searching for Tuba, trombones/baritones and Saxophone players. The only section that is full is the battery percussion. It is NOT TOO LATE to apply. If you think you might want to do it, there is a rehearsal at Unionville High School on Sunday from 1:00 to 5:00 PM come by and check it out.

From the ToR
The audition video is very simple. If using one of your own bands warmup and marching exercise is less threatening for the students, that is fine. The point is that we can see that they can march and play in time. We are not looking for All-State band level players.

4/1/14: Percussion practice is cancelled for tomorrow night. A lot of us are involved in the musical and we already have a lot of long evenings planned this week. Enjoy the night off!

3/27/14: New and current parents of a KHS music student: please be sure to let FoM know your contact information so you can stay informed of upcoming events and opportunites to help out the department! Please fill out the link below and someone will be in touch. Contact Mrs. Munson if you have any questions-

3/24/14: The Kennett Marching Band is proud to present their 2014 show:


3/17/14: I have a few quick steps you can take to add our Kennett Marching Band calendar directly to your Apple devices. The best part is, it will update on them LIVE! If anything changes, it will update your device automatically almost immediately!

If you use another device's calendar such as Android, Windows Phone, Kindle, etc., and would like to subscribe with that too, let me know and I'll do my best to help. The only I issue I am aware of is that Windows 8 does not support subscribed calendars from anything but

Want to add this calendar to your iPhone or iPad?

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Hope that helps some of you keep track of our busy schedule!!

Mr. Rutledge

2/25/14: Dear Parents -
We will be holding a meeting on Monday, March 10th at 7pm to discuss
fundraising opportunities for students attending the Cavalcade of Bands
Tournament of Roses parade.

The location for the meeting has not yet been determined but will most
likely be held at Unionville High School or St. Michael's Lutheran
Church.  I will send a follow-up email as soon as a location has been

The fundraising will be a joint effort for both KHS and UHS students.

Some of the ideas currently being considered are:
blitz of local businesses to sponsor x # of steps in the parade
Applebee's night
Buffalo Wild Wings night
Flamingo flocking
Bingo night
Corporate Donations

I do not currently have a list of all participants.  If you know
students who are participating, please forward this email to their parents.

Thank you
Rachel Brunke-

2/24/14: The meeting for the Kennett Marching Band's 2014 season will be on Monday, March 24th at 6:30 PM in the KHS Band Room.

All members, prospective members, and parents are welcome to attend.

We will have calendar's (as current as possible) information, and show announcement. If you or a parent can not attend, please contact me separately and I will be sure to get the information to you.

A reminder that our prospective rising freshmen and any new high school members are not receiving this message. If you know people who are interested, please invite them to this meeting.

3/1/14: All Parents and students must sign up for the Google Group! All important information will be sent via this group!

Google Groups
Subscribe to Kennett Marching Band e-mail. group
Visit this group



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